Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One of My Oils - Thanks to the late Bill Alexander - Read on...

            (Photo by author)
I was fortunate enough to meet Bill Alexander many years back when he came to NY and contacted me because I had wanted to do an article with him. He invited me and several artist fans to the hotel he was staying at to have dinner with him. He gave us each an autographed oil painting set. A night to remember.
He was a popular artist on PBS demonstrating his unusual technique of using large brushes to cut the time of creating a painting to a half hour. Some traditional artists considered this cheating. But Bill's take on it was that we end up with just as beautiful a painting as it would take with fine intricate brushes and hours of work.
Bill's famous words as he painted were: "fire it in." He meant with the brush, and not to be afraid of the canvas. He always emphasized using light on dark.You can't have the light without the dark, he'd say..
I am grateful to have learned his technique and blessed to have met him.

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